Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pike Schemes

Welcome to our blog, Pike Schemes!  The last six months or so have kept us rather busy and our blogging schedule has been greatly reduced.  Not to worry, Pike Schemers, we are slowly adding new content and hope to be caught up soon.  The posts you see below are retro posts of a sort from last summer.  Keep checking back on our progress to see about our fall and winter in Minneapolis.
~Shawn and Sara 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sara's Scoop: My Office

I have settled in to my office a bit.  I don't work there very often, but when I do it is nice to have a little home away from home.  Today I added some of my teaching desk items to give it that Sara flair!

Now my cubbie looks right

Monday, October 6, 2014

Book Week: Nancy Farmer at UMN

Sara's new position as a GA for children's literature ensures that she gets to participate in the many great events hosted by the department. This week starts that trend off on a high note, with the arrival of one of Sara's long time favorite authors, Nancy Farmer, as the featured speaker for this year's Book Week. The University has hosted Book Week since the 1940's as a way to celebrate children's literature and authors active in the field. Nancy gave a hilarious talk and even got to hang out with Vernon at the signing table.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Hang-outs: Nordeast

A few bits of local flavor hang in the space behind our new favorite neighborhood coffee shop. As the signs pronounce it is in Northeast (Nordeast), Minneapolis.

Fun little spot...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ramen Festival at Mill City

In search of a weekend outing, we ventured across the river to the Mill City Museum where a local Japanese restaurant was hosting its annual Ramen Massive Attack. It was fun to sample from the booths and try different foods like the Ramen burger and Takoyaki.

Crossing Stone Arch

Dutch tilt view of the silos above
Clear skies for the walk home
Actual selfie
Obligatory shot from a passerby

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sara's Scoop: Stone Arch Walk and Guthrie Theater

Since it was a very lovely afternoon, though slightly windy, we opted to walk over the Stone Arch Bridge to visit the Mill City Museum. For future reference it should be noted that the museum is closed on Mondays! Luckily the Guthrie Theater was open and quite fun to tour as well!

Such a glorious day!
The Stone Arch Bridge is a wonderful pedestrian thoroughfare
The back of the Mill Ruins, which are part of the museum
The view of the Guthrie from the river side
Closed and locked museum entrance - oops!
The Guthrie has amazing views of the river from their balcony
Here's a view from on the bridge - sorry these got out of order
The locks
Aha! Back to the Guthrie
A quick mama-daughter selfie
Or two...
The bridge is still so lovely

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Minnehaha Falls

After some driving around, we made a quick stop to admire the falls with Sara's parents. Somehow we missed a picture with everyone together here. The park was lovely as always and busy with people enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun.

Even Vernon took a selfie

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Exploring the City with Sara's Parents

Sara's Mom and Al are here for an extended weekend to see our new home and check out our new city with us. Today we have a mission and are in search of furniture items for our house. Shawn has made a plan and goal is to visit as many vintage and salvage shops as we can today! The Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden is also calling our name!

One of our stops along the way was this fun place, Hunt and Gather
The iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry at the Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden
A certain reading primate took a break
The tents were for fancy gala that night

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Study Buddy

Sara has a great helper in Archie!  He makes sure she stays on top of her reading!

And he does too, for that matter!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Archie is Settling In, Too

Archie is enjoying settling in to the house, especially now that the furniture is here. He has found many new places to enjoy the sights!

This is a new favorite haunt

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sara's First Day of School

Today is Sara's first day of school!  It is day 1 of her PhD program.  She is a bit nervous and a bit excited at the same time.

Off for her commute to campus, a 15 minute walk from our house

Friday, August 29, 2014

Minnesota State Fair

In spite of some heavy rains, we kept to our plans to visit the state fair today, hoping that the skies would clear soon enough. With our best raingear on and umbrellas in hand, we trekked to the fairgrounds by bus and enjoyed the evening out.

We planned on going tonight so we could see the live show of A Prairie Home Companion at the grandstands. As always, Garrison and his company entertained and delighted. We were pleased to be among a crowd of singers especially when breaking out into spontaneous harmonies.

Alas, we saved our trip to the fair to its last weekend, meaning we won't be back until next year. See you there, at the fair!

Do you see the rain?
The ticket area welcomes us to the fairgrounds
Smiles amidst the rainfall
The water was inches deep just inside
Our state fair is a great state fair
Don't miss it, don't even be late
The size of the crowds seemed to be unaffected by the weather
Time for some fresh roasted corn
Don't forget your pronto pup, "Two stripes, please!"
We toured the Agricultural hall
Honey, pies, and delights
Corn seed bags of various vintage and origin
Crops and crop art
The art of Bonsai
Sugar beets, apples, even Paul and Babe
Back outside it is clearing up
Though the crowds are as strong as ever
A sampling of tastes that could be had, be which we didn't
Twelve days of fair, almost gone
At the Grandstands for the show
Garrison starting his singing meander through the crowd
Our view from the covered seats in back
Won't you join in the congregational singing?
Fireworks to end the night
And a bag of fresh chocolate chip cookies for good measure
After a little more walking through the closed up barns,
hoping to see some animals we called it a night
Glad to see our bus waiting for us
Our map and tickets will be saved for the scrap book