Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pike Schemes

Welcome to our blog, Pike Schemes!  The last six months or so have kept us rather busy and our blogging schedule has been greatly reduced.  Not to worry, Pike Schemers, we are slowly adding new content and hope to be caught up soon.  The posts you see below are retro posts of a sort from last summer.  Keep checking back on our progress to see about our fall and winter in Minneapolis.
~Shawn and Sara 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stone Arch Walk by Night

Out again, now for an evening walk across the Mississippi.

Downtown here we come
Over the Mississippi, the new I-35W bridge awash in blue
Old mill tailraces from bygone factories
Coming into the mills district
Mill Ruins Park at river's edge

Campus Walk

We took advantage of some lovely weather this afternoon to walk down to campus for an afternoon of exploring what will be Sara's new haunts.

Welcome to campus!
Lovely, open green areas
John Sargent Pillsbury
University Alum, Governor of Minnesota and co-founder of the eponymous flour company
Across the central mall is Coffman Memorial Union
Walking to the Union we see the curves of the Weisman Art Museum
...and the downtown skyline
Sara meets Goldy the Gopher
One more mascot to add to the list
Downstairs in the Union, Sara examines her textbooks for this semester
Admiring the robes that await her
Flowers on full display
Back outside the Union
Peik Hall will be Sara's second home
One of a number of former rail bridges in this river spanning city

Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Visitors

We were very excited to host Shawn's parents as our first guests in our new house. They live much closer to us now, but will be making their own move soon. They were very gracious guests, especially considering that none of our furniture is here yet!

Family gathering
4-person selfie!
Here's the timer version - thanks to the For Sale sign!
Our first home!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Back at Minnehaha Falls

With no boxes to unpack we took in some of the sights with Shawn's parents! Minnehaha Falls is always a great stop.

Family time
The falls is always lovely
It is so lush there this time of year
We love this mossy carpet near the spray zone
What a lovely day

Closing on our First House!

Bright and early this morning we went to our realtor's office to meet with the seller and agents at the closing table and sign on the dotted line. It is official! We are first time homeowners.

Happy homeowners!
Our first house keys
Coming home for the first time
What a lovely gift from the previous home owner

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Minneapolis: We Are Here!!!

Our move is complete – the road trip portion anyways. This afternoon we finished the drive into Minneapolis. Shawn's parents are meeting us here this evening, driving in from South Dakota. We sign on the house tomorrow and the moving truck will bring our belongs at some point soon though we don't have a firm date yet. In the mean time, we are prepared for a camp out in the house with our air mattress until everything arrives.

Our new home state
Getting closer, the city skyline greets us
And look what also greets us
We just had to go by the house one more time
Soon to be ours, officially!

On the Road - Again

It's our third day of driving on our move to Minneapolis. We are back on the road again to complete the journey to our new home.

We are meeting Shawn's parents in Minneapolis this afternoon (they are Archie sitting tomorrow) and will have one more night at a hotel. We close on our sweet little house tomorrow. It is exciting but still very surreal!
Hmmm...what could this be?
Why it is an Archie.  He hides so well!
More lovely blue skies for our travels today
Archie has taken a bird's eye view for today's travel
No phantom tollbooths to take us to the Duldrums today
Oh hi, Wisconsin!  We are almost there
A windy selfie
Hmmm...we are feeling a need for cheese
Minnesota is getting closer
Such lovely farms
Squeak, squeak!
Archie seems to have gotten very comfortable!
So close!