Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sara's Birthday Dinner

Sara opted for her birthday dinner at Charley's Steakhouse. We had a wonderful meal and a nice time together.

A fun birthday outing!
Firing up those steaks!
Birthday fun!
Steak time!
Birthday treats and singing
The waiter assumed that chocolate cake was the best option...
Not to worry, someone traded Sara for this carrot cake beauty
Happy family!
Birthday girl!
One last selfie

Manatees at Blue Spring Park

Today we were in for a treat! We drove out to Blue Springs State Park to see the Manatees that often spend their winter days in the warm shallow waters of the springs.  The long was really long line when we first got here, so we opted for lunch, and then returned to a more empty park. It was quite nice!

Welcome to the park!
Great manatee count for today!
The trees were dripping with Spanish moss
And there were blue skies for miles
Our first spotting
Details about the wildlife here
A mossy selfie
Such a majestic spot
Family fun!
More manatees
Manatee fun!
More about the springs
Such a serene place
Mother and daughter
More manatee frolicking
Hello, buddy!
More manatee information
The sun was setting just as we were about to leave the park
So lovely!
Here's some manatee time for you!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Relaxing in the Sunshine

We opted for a very quiet day "at home" for our first day in Florida.  It was nice to sit and read in the sun and have a casual schedule that also allowed for a leisurely walk around the resort.

A perfect day for chilling
Just look at these palms!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello Orlando!

Somebody is about to have a milestone birthday! To celebrate we are meeting Sara's parents in Orlando for a sunny getaway!

Off and away!
The moon is particularly lovely this evening
Look how massive (and blurry) it is!
Oh, yes, we also might make our way to Hogwarts!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sara's Scoop: Quiet February Day

Hello February! I am happily settling into the semester and enjoying my classes.

Some quite studying in my office
My commute home was quite lovely today!
This is just outside of my building in an area known as The Knoll
It looks so very collegiate, doesn't it?
Crossing the road into Dinkytown
Round the corner - still looking festive

A snowy stroll
Ah, nothing like coming home!