Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Prairie Home Companion

To continue our 4th of July fun, we attended a live taping of Prairie Home Companion at Macalester College. We always enjoy Garrison time, but this was an extra special afternoon, due to both the holiday and the rumors of his impending retirement. (Updated: Now confirmed).

We settled in for a picnic on the lawn
Games at the ready
And picnic eats
Patricia brought this fireworks game Hanabi — nicely themed!
Sound check
And a preview of the Macalester College Pipe Band
The games continue with HP Uno
This afternoon's line-up
Time for the show!
Don't forget dessert

A Hometown Parade

Nothing says Happy Independence Day like a hometown parade! This one did not disappoint!

We love a good parade!
We opted for festive fashion today!
Video Fun

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Turnblad Mansion

The Turnblad Mansion is also known as The American Swedish Institute. We took a self-guided tour and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Welcome to the Turnblad — ASI
Entering the home
Such a grand staircase
Fireplace carvings love to take selfies with Sara
Such amazing interiors
Even the downspouts are quite decorative
Mirror selfie (catch Patricia's version here)
There was a musical exhibit throughout the house — Sara rather enjoyed this room!
And in the next she got her rock star on!
Patricia and Sara enjoyed a game of Mad Libs, too
And, when you have the chance to ride on a mechanical Dala Horse, why not?
A side view of the mansion
There was a small exhibition area near the gift shop, and Patricia played us a few bars!
A last note about Dala horses

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Music Man

He's a what? A Music Man! We enjoyed a wonderful night of musical theater at The Guthrie. Sara is a little bummed that these are the only pictures we took from that night.

Two versions of tickets and sign

Sara's Scoop: Mill City Museum

Patricia and I enjoyed a fun outing to the Mill City Museum today. Sadly, Shawn had to work so we left him at home working away in the office!

The city view from the Stone Arch Bridge is always a favorite
That's a big box of Bisquick!
Some of the inner workings of the former flour mill are present here for our elevator tour!
What keeps the fires away from flour mills where dust is HIGHLY combustible? These large vacuums in the highest level of the factory
The views from here are incredible!
In spite of the vacuums there was a fire...the ruins have been preserved
Friendly selfie