Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pike Schemes

Welcome to our blog, Pike Schemes!  The last six months or so have kept us rather busy and our blogging schedule has been greatly reduced.  Not to worry, Pike Schemers, we are slowly adding new content and hope to be caught up soon.  The posts you see below are retro posts of a sort from last summer.  Keep checking back on our progress to see about our fall and winter in Minneapolis.
~Shawn and Sara 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Crabby Goodness at Cantler's

When you are this close to the Chesapeake Bay it is a shame not to enjoy a crab feast. Continuing with our "Must Do Before We Move" list we took an impromptu dinner outing to Cantler's in Annapolis to get a little crabby!

We stopped along the way to take in the view of Annapolis and the Naval Academy
Welcome to Cantler's! many choices...but we came here for one thing
We had a great spot on the patio overlooking Mill Creek
The tools of the trade
Nice to start with some southern goodies - hushpuppies and fried green tomatoes
Drawn butter and Old Bay – this is serious business
Shawn is ready!
Here's that crabby goodness – steamed and tossed in Old Bay
Let the picking begin
Sara's note: Next time, don't wear white!
Evidence of our success
Below Cantler's shows the high tide of Isabel
And the crab pens

Sara's Scoop: Wolftrap Children's Concert

I always enjoy visiting Wolftrap's main stage for a show (usually Prairie Home Companion). I was unaware of their Theatre in the Woods, a specialty children's theater. Today I joined Kate, Ali, Karin, and the Littles to enjoy a fun concert there in the great outdoors! We finished up the outing with a delightful picnic. What a way to enjoy an August afternoon. I will surely miss these women and their Littles when we move.

Such fun games to be played on the benches after the show
We crossed this stream to get to the theater
It feels like you are entering a magic realm
It was so nice that the weather cooperated for our picnic after the show

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Columbia Room Cocktails

For a special treat this evening we went to the Columbia Room at The Passenger with our dear friends Colin and Karin. This tiny and hidden bar honors the craft and artistry of drink making in a very small setting. We enjoyed their tasting menu and the lovely evening of conversation and celebration with friends

The secret door to the Columbia Room
A glance at the back bar

Shawn's Scoop: Packing my Office

My last day at work before the big move included an office outing to the Nationals game before packing up my desk and computers.

Lovely day for a game
Teddy wins!
Everything is cleared out
One last glance out my window

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sara's Scoop: Final Visit

I finished my summer school teaching today, so I made a last stop at school to drop off my district badge. I can hardly believe that this day is here. It is the closing of a chapter in my life that has been so enriching and rewarding. I am excited for the adventures to come, but I know how much I will miss this place.

One last moment by the flag pole!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Going Away Gathering

We are moving ever closer to our moving date later this month. As always, the bittersweet emotions of moving continue to bring both excitement and sadness. Today we are hosting an open house going away gathering to share our love and connections with our dear friends. There are very few pictures of the event, we enjoyed it more than we photographed it. It is so hard to believe that such big changes are coming our way. We are so thankful for the kind and generous support of our friends who could be there in person and those who could not. We have loved our time in Virginia and  will miss our dear ones beyond measure.

A few little treats for the evening
Shawn is prepping some tasty beverages for our guests
The Hill Country BBQ is on deck for some lovely nosh
Sara and Archie stop for a moment before our guests arrive
The evening is done. We have shared laughter and tears today

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Twilight Tattoo at Fort Meyer

During the summer evenings Fort Meyer opens its gates to an evening of military pageantry and a memorial to the history of the Army called the Twilight Tattoo. A tattoo in this context is not skin ink but a military performance or display. This special summer event is free to the public and includes pretty incredible views of the DC skyline. We seem to be enjoying a bit of a military theme to our recent events on the "Must See" list.

Beautiful officer's homes on the base
Virginia historians must love this street corner!
We loved that the houses are labeled with the officer's name
And here are those amazing views
And, yes, those cannons you can just see in the foreground, will be in use later
The US Army Drill Team and their incredible bayonet drill
Next is a military history pageant
The Revolutionary War with Washington in the lead
General Washington

Now to the Civil War
World Wars
The Drill Team
Each of the participating units gathers at the end of the Tattoo
Sunset views

The colonials are Sara's favorites!
It was interesting to speak with these gentlemen about what an honor it is to be stationed here and to be able to participate in the Tattoo.